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The World's First Blockchain-enabled Global Buying Platform

Cross-Border E-commerce, End-to-end crypto shopping made easy

The AORA Coin

The definitive token for E-commerce

A token you can use for your cross-border E-commerce purchases without cashing out, beyond borders and from trustworthy merchants on the blockchain.

The AORA Coin leverages on blockchain technology to bridge the gap between traditional ecommerce and cryptocurrency transactions.

Find out more about AORA ICO in the roadmap below.

Explore the AORA Ecosystem
The AORA Platform

The AORA Platform is a global buying concierge platform that enables consumers anywhere in the world to purchase proucts with cryptocurrencies, from any online store and marketplace in the US and China.

  • AORA Coin
  • Step 1
    Tell us what you want to buy from any online E-commerce store in the US and China
  • Step 2
    A local online shopping experience, for global cross-border E-commerce buying. AORA purchases the products on your behalf efficitently and seamlessly
  • Step 3
    AORA handles all interactions with the merchants and logistics intermediaries, to ensure that the product reaches your doorstep, no matter where you live in the world!
Global buying concierge & Social Marketplace

Hey AORA, buy me a

As your single point of contact, AORA connects you to thousands of global merchants and millions of real world products available in the US & China, helping you save time and cost by seamlessly managing the entire order and delivery process to more than 100+ countries.

AORA also features a social marketplace, built upon the cross-border buying concierge service, that enables consumers to discover the best products curated by fellow digital shoppers.

  • Access to thousands of brands and millions of real world products in the US & China
  • Transparent FX rates and no product mark-up
  • Buy seamlessly with a universal shopping cart
  • End-to-end logistics/fulfilment, with door-to-door delivery
The AORA Merchant Suite

Powered by smart contract capabilities, AORA enables merchants to sell and ship to an international audience.

Cross border ecommerce


A decentralized payment and cryptocurrency-based rewards program that utilizes AORA’s Currency Looping Protocol that identifies ideal currency pairs between both fiat and cryptocurrency.

  • Swift conversion at optimal exchange rates
  • Transaction fees significantly lower than traditional payment gateways with payment gateway built using blockchain technology
  • Generates additional revenue streams for merchants and helps merchants to scale internationally
  • Widens and increases the acceptance of cryptocurrency
  • Reduces marketing costs for merchants using the decentralised rebate system

Trust Circle

The security and verifiability of data on the Trust Circle enables trust and genuine reviews, helping consumers make informed purchase decisions

Merchant scoring
Governed by algorithms based on past transaction records

Product scoring
Product reviews curated by AORA Pay customers

Brand scoring
Derived metric from product scoring

  • Reviews on secure, public ledger reduce likelihood of fake reviews
  • Self-sustaining with merchant rebates to incentivise consumer reviews

AORA Borderless

An end-to-end cross border logistics management service that leverages information stored on the blockchain to manage issues e.g. landed costs and compliance issues.

  • Powered by SingPost, Singapore’s leading eCommerce logistics and trusted communications service provider
  • Expand consumer reach to a global scale in over 100+ countries
  • Enjoy significant cost savings through economies of scale by shipping with SingPost
Benefits of the AORA Platform
  • Save Time
    AORA acts a universal shopping cart for cross-border E-commerce transactions, with one checkout across multiple merchants and currencies.
  • Save Costs
    With a payment gateway powered by Blockchain, AORA finds the best exchange rates for cross currency transactions, and keeps transaction costs low by charging customers at cost price.
  • Shop Better
    AORA helps consumers make informed purchase decisions, with merchant credibility verified through the AORA Trust Circle, and product recommendations curated by the community on the Social Marketplace.
Powered by Ethereum

Apart from being the world’s leading decentralized smart-contract platform, Ethereum does not go offline and cannot be altered. This enables our platform to be scalable as Raiden Network and Plasma technologies help us to avoid blockchain consensus bottleneck and allow for future adoption.

  • ICO Start Date31st July 2018
  • Presale Start Date1st Oct 2018
  • Presale End Date31st Oct 2018
  • Public Crowdsale Start Date1st Nov 2018
  • Public Crowdsale End Date30th Nov 2018
  • ICO End Date30th Nov 2018
Meet our team

At Luminore 8, we celebrate our team’s passion towards building great products.

  • Cedric Choy
  • Co-Founder,
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Toh Xue Zun
  • Co-Founder,
    Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Joshua Huang
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Galvin Chew
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Vivienne Ong
  • Director, Branding and Marketing
  • Fiona Xiao
  • Director, Business Operations and Analytics